For all persons relocating to Arizona for the new potash mining job opportunities!

The village of Concho is welcoming new residents coming to Apache County for the new potash mine operations. Concho is located on two highways that connect to the new offices and mines of Prospect Global Resources Potash Mine projected to start construction in 2015. Concho is also centrally located to the other major business centers in the White Mountains for excellent access to all of the different medical resources, schools, and job opportunities in the White Mountains for the families of mine employees.

Future mines that are anticipated to open within the next 5 to 10 years will also be less than 30 minutes from Concho.

Reasons to consider Concho for your new home:

1. Concho is a diversified community of about 800 persons with a variety of affordable, housing and land opportunites.

2. Concho is centrally located (30-40 minutes drive) to the mines, hospitals & medical centers, business districts, and schools & colleges. Major medical facilities such as the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale are only 3-1/2 hours away.

3. Concho is within easy access to the major recreational lakes and sporting areas in the White Mountains including Concho Lake which is located right in town.

4. Concho has some of the best water quality and air quality in Arizona. Located at an altitude of 6200', the residents enjoy clean mountain air with beautiful starry nights.

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