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Concho Rentals

Consider Concho when looking for affordable rental homes in the White Mountains. Concho Valley is centralized to many of the larger employers with pleasant commutes through the countryside.

15 minutes to St. Johns and Apache County government offices
35 minutes to SRP Coronado Generating Station
35 minutes to Walmart,
Summit Healthcare, Lowes, & Home Depot in Show Low

Major grocery stores and other businesses are only a 15 or 30 minute drive away. For families, your kids can walk to school and the library. The yards are large and the streets are safe with little traffic. The community offers a wide variety of churches for many different faiths. Click on the links to the left to find out more about Concho.

Concho Landlords

This list is for informational and contact purposes only. This web site does not represent the landlords nor real estate agents. The following landlords own property in Concho for short or long term rentals. Check with the owners about current availability.

Landlord/Property Manager # of units or properties Contact Info
J. Aiton 2 bedroom mobile home (928) 337-2007
V. Christian 3 bedroom mobile home (928) 337-4904
email: Christian
D. Goss 3 bed/2 bath mobile home (712) 209-1231
M. Gray 2 bedroom mobile home (928) 521-9141
(928) 337-5047
email: Delia
M. Harvey multiple 2 & 3 bedroom mobile homes (928) 337-4141
email: Harvey
P. Hodges 3 bedroom mobile home (623) 271-7732
email: Hodges
L. Johnson 3 bedroom mobile home (623) 465-9673
email: Johnson
G. Meyer 2 bedroom mobile home, furnished with all utilities (Hunt area) (928) 337-3800
email: Meyer
M. Miller 2 & 4 bedroom mobile homes (800) 951-2457
V. Montemurro 3 bedroom mobile home (928) 245-1161
email: Montemurro
K. Perry mobile home (928) 337-4512
R. Tatlock multiple 2 & 3 bedroom mobile homes
(619) 857-1497
(619) 447-1497
email: Tatlock
D. Thomas multiple 2 & 3 bedroom mobile homes
(no cats accepted)
(928) 337-3028
(928) 337-4207
(928) 242-3305
email: Thomas

If you own rental property in Concho and would like a free listing on this page,
please send an e-mail to: Info or call 928 337-3578.